Buy & Sell Trade Guide

We have some general standards that we use when purchasing so that we are able to offer only the best curated vintage!

Here are some general selling guidelines: 

  • Must be at least 18 years or older to sell, and please bring your driver’s license or government ID.

  • All items must be clean and in good condition, ready for us to put out on the floor.

  • Everything must be VINTAGE! 2007 is the absolute latest an item can be from, anything made in 2008 or later we cannot accept.

  • Because the items are vintage, some wear is totally fine! However, anything with large holes, rips, pulls or stains we likely will not buy. Items with significant damage we do not accept.

We DO NOT accept:

  • Mall or fast fashion brands! With the exception of true vintage (for example, Sears from the 80s and earlier). Forever 21, Target, H&M, Urban Outfitters or anything you'd be able to find in a department store today is not accepted. 

  • Linens such as: bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, curtains and basic throw blankets (we will occasionally take crochet blankets and tapestries depending on rarity and age).

  • Socks: we won't accept unless they are unworn and still in their original packaging!                                                                                                           
  • We are no longer accepting jewelry or watches of any kind.

What we're taking:

(We buy items on a seasonal basis. Below is a guideline of what is accepted in the applicable season)

  • SUMMER - Beach towels and swim, light and flowy clothing, fabrics that do well in the heat and nothing too heavy. Unless the item is really unique and interesting, jackets, blazers, heavy coats and longer skirts won't be considered. Anything that would fall into those categories and be considered a basic wont be taken until closer to winter. 
  • FALL - we begin taking warmer clothing but nothing too heavy, think transitional pieces. Sweaters, jackets and heavier pants or skirts we will begin buying more at this time. 
  • WINTER - Heavy, furry, lined and puffy jackets and coats.  While still keeping true to our garment age requirements, we will be buying lots of warm and cozy clothes at this time. Thick sweaters and long sleeves, fuzzy boots, gloves and heavy scarves. 
  • SPRING - Transitioning from winter to more lightweight clothing. Graphic tees, vacation shirts, Hawaiian, vintage blouses and colorful patterns. Lingerie slip dresses, robes and silks, pajama pants and lounge sets (no teddies or bodysuits)

We are especially looking for: 

  • Vinyl - We buy used vinyl records 60's to Y2K in good condition.

  • Western - Western shirts, belts, denim jackets and more! Anything that falls into the western category we are very interested in. 

  • Plus size and size-inclusive items

  • Denim! Vintage Levis, OshKosh, and Carhartt are among a few brands of interest! Any unique embellished or embroidered denim pants or jackets we love.
  • Custom vintage pieces that have been customized, resewn, embroidered and remade! As long as the base fabric or material falls into our 15 year-old rule we will consider! 
  • Shoes in good condition and styles that are popular today. The more unique the shoe, the more likely we will take it! We also accept basics but mostly boots or platform shoes.
  • Accessories  

    • Bags and fanny packs - we mostly focus on styles and brands that were popular in the early 2000s all the way back to the 20s!

    • Jewelry, bolo ties, necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches! We're looking for styles that were popular in the 60s - 80s but also take styles outside of that window! Please make sure that jewelry is cleaned prior.

    • Glasses in styles that were popular from the 80s and before are preferred, but any glasses that are large, chunky, colorful, flashy, or classically dainty will do just fine! (No glasses with severe scratching on lenses).

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